Monday, September 12, 2011

Break my heart, big girls ride the bus

Today was the girls' first morning to ride the bus to preschool.  They LOVE watching the bus, talking about the bus and I was sure they would be thrilled with riding it too. 

Well, our morning was one of those mornings that you just want to crawl back into bed and start it over about 2 hours later...or maybe 2 days later.

About 15 minutes before the bus arrived Dariya was all ready and I was trying to get Alayna finished up.  Alayna fell on her bum (not getting hurt) but was still crying when the bus arrived.  So needless to say when I had to put her on the bus and let the aide Grandma Mary (she seriously was a sweet grandma) strap her into her car seat she was crying for me. 

How that broke my heart to have to leave her and walk away.  Alayna is usually very happy and excited to go to school so that made it even harder. 

I let Ms. Juanita know that Alayna was having a moment and haven't gotten a call from her yet so prayerfully Alayna is happy as a clam now and is doing just fine. 

Say a prayer for my heart and for Alayna to have a great day!  Thanks.  Hopefully when they ride the bus again on Friday they will both be HAPPY!


Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

I hope her day gets better!!!!

Also, am I going crazy or did you have a potty training post recently that I just can't find anymore? I wanted to comment on it that I'd love to hear what has worked and not worked on your road to the potty. We are in the process of it with Sweet Pea and I'm trying to learn anything I can from fellow moms as I have zero experience to pull from.

Stephanie said...

okay my heart is breaking too. prayers said!!

Lori said...

Awww - sweet Alayna - I am sure once she realized she was at school, that she perked right up.
Don't they look so tiny on the bus, though? I still marvel at how small Anna looks on in the seats.

Hope Alayna is all smiles when she gets home!

Becca said...

Ohhhh, that photo breaks my heart, too!!!! I know that look as well. Ugh.

Hope the rest of her day was a happy one!

ch said...

Oh, LaynaLoo!!! I'd be falling apart if I wasn't sure you were oozing with smiles and charisma by the time you arrived. You look like such a big girl on the bus! I hope you had the best day and I'm sorry about the bump on your bum. Better luck tomorrow!

Kelli said...

Oh my, I completely know that feeling of your heart breaking, especially with Colin's rough few days back to school. There is nothing worse than walking away from your baby when they want you. Nothing. Hope things get better....although, they did look super cute in their bus seats!!

Heather said...

Oh sweet girl. And by that I mean mommy too.

They look so big and grownup and you know, tomorrow is a new day. We will pray for a better day.

patsy said...

my heart is breaking for you....i can't think that ar ahead for miss maggie :( i keep telling myself i will be able to let her be away from me by the time she is three ;) and good luck with aidan and his new palate plate, emme grace got hers about 2 months ago and bless her heart was in some pain when we started turning the key each night...ouch :(