Monday, September 19, 2011

You are pretty sure you are potty training if...

~You have half naked preschoolers roaming around your house carrying their toilet seats.

~While in speech therapy your preschooler is playing with a dollhouse and when asked by the therapist, "what do you see?" preschooler proudly announces, "potty" then of course has to make every little person in the family set pretend to use the potty and wash their hands. (Alayna)

~If you added up the minutes that you spend in the bathroom in one day (while said preschoolers are using the toilet) you are sure the total would be more than 23 ½ hours worth.  Yes, running down the hall back and forth between bathrooms while said preschoolers are on their own toilets counts.

~The sound of anyone using the toilet elicits maniacal clapping and hoorays from the preschoolers in your home.

~The sound of the flush elicits shouts of "bye bye" (Dariya)

~You are overcome with bursts of crazy laughter, shouts and happy dancing that you don't have to change dirty diapers.  (Please tell me this is normal or am I the only one?)

Potty time is going well at our house.  At the orphanage Dariya was placed on the toilet 4 times a day.  She would not let them know when she needed to use the toilet.   Dariya did not enjoy sitting on the potty for them and would cry.  We witnessed this the first day we met her and her crying fit broke my heart.  We think she had to sit there until she produced something (saving on diapers remember?).  At that point she didn't know how to push and control the event.

When we first arrived home I put her on the potty a few times but didn't have a schedule as she was rather traumatized by the potty experience from Ukraine.  I just let her watch Alayna and help cheer lead for Alayna.  Well what do you know.  Peer pressure really does work.

In the two months Dariya has been home she has gone from not wanting to try to use the toilet to understanding the process and being able to control when she goes.  She lets us know the majority of the time when she needs to go.  She will put her potty seat on the toilet and pull her pants down when she needs to go.  She will sign all done and say done when she is finished.  She knows how to push and control the event now and will sign more when she is not finished.  She is keeping her pull up dry each morning while in preschool and uses the potty for her teachers appropriately. 
At preschool and in the preschool room at church Dariya has been telling them when she needs to use the toilet too!  YAHOO go Dariya go!

Next step - Panties while we are at home!

Hope your potty training adventures are going well!  We would love to hear how it is going at your house and any tips or secrets you have learned.


Emily said...

Hooray for team toileting! :) I'm so impressed with Dariya's progress in two months - wow! Your girls are a few months older than my daughter with Ds; perhaps we could start training soon. ::fingers crossed::

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

yeah! so happy to hear potty training is going so well with both girls! i am in the same boat as you right now (only with one instead of two little girls...) good luck with the big girl undies at home! :)

ch said...

Love the mental image of your maniacal toilet applause. :0) We're lightyears behind you, but I do have a little buddy who frantically waves heartfelt goodbyes at whatever is in the toilet before it is flushed. Lovely.