Monday, October 24, 2011


In celebration of down syndrome awareness month here are 21 facts about Alayna.

1.  She LOVES books.  I can't tell you the number of times I hear "Mommy, read book please" in one day.   Although sometimes she has a paper addiction and likes to eat them.
2.  At home she has dropped sign language for speaking and speaks in 2-5 word sentences.  However, we haven't seen that at school or even at church she is pretty quiet in other settings.
3.  She is a social butterfly.  She loves knowing people's names and thrives on being able to call people by their name.
4.  She knows her colors,  ABC's and the phonetic sound with them, can rote count to 10 and loves counting one to one correspondence.
5.  Even though she weighs 28# she must have bird bones, because she feels light as a feather.
6.  She is daytime potty trained.
7.  She loves playing hide and seek. (must run in the genes, Aidan used to ask us to play for hours)
8.  She enjoys music and will sing, play, dance her heart away.
9.  She loves eating fruits but is more finicky when it comes to veggies (she will avoid the green ones at all costs, don't tell her I hide them in her food)
10.  She is definitely a daddy's girl, unless she is sick then she seeks mommy out.
11.  She loves her siblings.  She is one happy girl on weekends or days when school is out.  Aidan hung the moon in her eyes.
12.  She enjoys preschool and talks about her teachers and friends all the time.  Too bad she doesn't talk to them while she is there....
13. She will try to get out of fine motor tasks, usually opting to smile at you or try to talk you into something else.
14.  She loves bouncing on our trampoline, even though she can't jump yet.
15.  She is pretty easy going and rarely gets upset.
16.  She enjoys having her picture taken.
17.  She is shy.
18.  She is a princess, she likes to dress up and be told how pretty she is.
19.  She loves to watch signing time and requests it every time we get in the van.
20.  Goldfish is her favorite snack.  Ice cream is her favorite dessert!
21.  She is delightfully sweet and we are blessed to have her!

Next up facts about Dariya....


Stephanie said...

Love them all...except #6 I'm still a little jealous about that one :)
But maybe being in school will help, her teacher is already very hopeful:)

Gorgeous pics !!!

Lori said...

Awesome list of facts! Alayna is one cool chick! =)

Sarah Marie said...

I love the facts.. and she also gives good hugs. you should add that!

Heather said...

SHE is just amazing.Simply amazing.

I just love that first picture!

Ceciley2007 said...

What a trooper!! U GO GIRL!!

Mud pies and Moonlight said...

That Alayna is the BOMB! Wow, my 21 facts pales in comparison to her rock star self...You are blessed indeed, my friend...and we are in turn blessed by you.

Aimee said...

I laughed out loud at #13- Piper does the SAME stinkin' thing. It's hilarious to see that little grin flash when you know EXACTLY what's going through her mind. Well, it's funny the first 5,274 times, but after that, it loses its appeal. Piper's speech therapist says that it's a good thing- it shows that she's cognitively where she's supposed to be. But it doesn't help the OT sessions go any faster... :)

Emily said...

Love learning more about Alayna!
So impressed by #3 - she's a charmer for sure :)

Melissa said...

Claire loves books too, but I was hoping that paper as a food group would disappear soon. Maybe not! It's funny, at daycare there are reading books and chewing books (the plastic kind) just for Claire. As soon as she gets there one of the kids almost always brings her a chewing book. :)