Friday, October 7, 2011

Abandoned and rejected STILL!

A few weeks ago I introduced you to the Fristoes, another Reece's Rainbow family from Kansas City in my abandoned and rejected post.  They have been running their iPad2 & iPod touch giveaway for WEEKS and WEEKS now and have only made $1500 (take away the cost of the iPad and that is less than $1ooo).  They are still in desperate need of prayer and funds ($16,000).

Suzanne was born outside the United States as her father was on active duty with the US military.  As she wasn't born on a base (there wasn't a base in Turkey) US immigration is holding up their paperwork to search for her "alien" record.  Are you kidding me?  Please pray that they get this final clearance from immigration so they can file their paperwork with China to go get Clare!

I have had over 600 hits to that one blog post.  If only half of the people donated the $10 to their fundraiser they would be over $3000 now.  I know some of you donated and I am truly thankful and appreciate your support for this family. 

If you haven't taken the time to read their story here is a clip from their blog,  Our Chinese Butterfly
In Suzanne's words...
We still need $16,000 to pay the ransom on our daughter's life.

I am praying you will continue to Pray, share and donate. Every little amount, no matter how small is getting us closer to Clare.

DO YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP US???? It is easy, we are in great need of prayer. Prayer doesn't cost you much, just a little bit of time and will be greatly appreciated!! He will listen to our prayers! Please pray that the funds will come in, that my "Alien" file will be located and our I 797 will be approved and mailed to us soon, for patience and grace during all of this. Thank you

Spread the word. I have over 1000 friends on facebook, if everyone could spread the word, I would forever be grateful!! Blog about it, tweet about it, email your friends about it, and please facebook about it. Please ask your friends to spread the word or send them here to read and decide on their own. There is great power in masses.

Donate. Every penny counts towards saving our little girl. Every penny we raise gets her closer to her forever family, to her momma and daddy, that can't wait to hug and kiss her, her new friends, and a new life of freedom. She will be educated and she will receive the medical care she needs.

Look at this beautiful face, isn't she worth the effort??

end post from Suzanne.

This little girl and family have my heart. I didn't lose sleep over our adoption of Dariya but, I find myself up for hours praying on this family's behalf.   They are working tirelessly completing grant applications, seeking donors daily and waiting for immigration to grant them that one final piece of paper to file their dossier to China.

PLEASE, I am begging you to go over and donate $10 (or more) it's tax deductible, pray for this family, blog, twitter, FB about them whatever you can do to help get the word out. 

Satan will not win, Clare will be rescued, Won't you be a tiny pebble that makes ripples in her adoption fund?

Visit their blog here: Our Chinese Butterfly  Hurry their Ipad2  giveaway ends tomorrow night (Sat, Oct 8th) at midnight!  As October is Down Syndrome Awareness month and Sunday the 9th is Alayna's 3rd birthday she would be THRILLED if you made a donation to Clare in celebration!


Unknown said...

thankyou so much for your comment on my blog, it lifted me up and was what i needed to hear! please please please do come and link this post on my sunday linkup, 'sharing sunday' as its to promote giveaways and show support to people fundraising. i will contact suzanne as well...also as your wonderful family made it to life at the end of the rainbow do link as many times as you want, to share your stories so people can see WHY we fundraise! you are an inspiration and I just love your family xxxxjane x

Lacey said...

Great job helping this family
I have a sweet family thats been on my mind. Been in the process since before you, but hasnt been able to raise much money. Im trying to think of how I can help her out, but i didnt really make that much in fundraising ourselves. Still brainstorming though!

one_plustwins said...

Oh, heart is so heavy for Suzanne, for Clare. Thank you for still championing for them. We will donate after we get home. I've spoken to Suzanne about it already. I need no gifts, no fancy gadgets---just time to get home. Love you, girl!

Stephanie said...

I just found this little dumpling in the nick of time this morning. She is just dazzling!