Wednesday, October 26, 2011


In celebration of down syndrome awareness month here are 21 facts about Dariya.

1.  She is happy every time she wakes up and is ready to jump out of bed as soon as you go into her room.
2.  She scrunches her face up when she smiles really big which is super cute. (One of Aidan's favorite things she does).
3.  She loves food, any kind, you name it she eats it! (Hence her 32#)
4.  She is addicted to bananas.  She never had them until we brought them to the orphanage daily so not sure if it is just comfort food or she really enjoys them that much.
5.  She is doing well with potty training and usually stays dry during the day.
6.  When we were in Ukraine with her she didn't know how to open a book,  now she requests them all the time.
7.  She doesn't mind wearing her glasses during the morning hours but doesn't want to wear them much after nap
8.  LOVES taking baths, she will flip, flop, splash, swim for hours if you let her.
9.  When she doesn't get her own way she can flop down on her bum and sob a good one (drama, drama).
10.  She loves to be tickled and has a contagious laugh.
11.  She is a mama's girl.
12.  She is independent but, loves being taken care of too.
13.  She purposely seeks me out especially when Alayna is sitting on my lap.  Jealousy anyone?
14.  She has arms like Stretch Armstrong, if she wants something she WILL reach it.
15.  She still tidys up around the house like Cinderella.
16.  She crosses her pointer and middle fingers on both hands when she is really stretching for something.
17.  She loves any kind of motion.  Swinging is her favorite. She giggles at bumps in the road. She will be our roller coaster thrill ride seeker!
18.  She is a sponge and has learned more than 75+ signs and 20+ spoken words.
19.  She loves riding the bus and going to preschool.
20.  She is an affection monster, we are covered in kisses and hugs all day long.
21.  She is fabulously wonderful, we couldn't be more blessed and are thankful God chose us to be her family!


j*e*n said...

Scrunching her nose when she smiles is so adorable! What a fun list. :)

Mud pies and Moonlight said...

#16 Paisley does that too! Dariya is such a treasure, thank you for sharing her with all of us!

Stephanie said...

Oh that silly scrunched up face, how beautiful she is!!!! Cold read a hundred more things about Dariya.

Erin said...

This is so sweet! She sounds like a delightful child. Love that she laughs when you go over bumps ;)

Elisabeth said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts about your girls. They are delightful! And I am still amazed at how many words and signs Dariya has picked up so quickly. What a blessing that God has given her the ability to pick up communication so quickly. I know that has made her transition just that much easier.

Emily said...

I love that scrunched nose too! And the crossing fingers when she's really reaching - too funny!

Cathy said...

Love learning more about sweet Dariya!!! And I might have to steal this idea for my blog.

Jill said...

Loved these 2 posts too! If can get it done before the end of the month, I'm going to steal the idea too. :-)

Lori said...

Loved this list also!! Hugs To Dariya!