Monday, February 17, 2014

Dancing fun

Sunday afternoon the girls were able to don their dancing shoes and take on the big stage at the Kansas City Music Hall to perform on the Tribute National Talent competition.  Tribute has a special angels category which allows children with special needs to perform on the program free of charge.  Access dance signed us up and away we went.

The girls were super excited when we arrived at this HUGE hall and quickly warmed up.

Alayna and Jillian have an incredible bond.  Jillian helps in the girls dance class each week and she and Alayna are stuck together like glue.
They wasted no time jumping out on the big stage and showing their stuff.  Alayna was a little stunned as they started the music while the kids were still walking out.  But, overall it was a fabulous performance and a fun afternoon.

And if pics aren't good is the video!
Enjoy!  Dariya is 2nd from left and Alayna is 3rd from left.

We are grateful to Access Dance and all their volunteers who make our Sundays full of dance!

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Emily said...

GREAT JOB, GIRLS! That video brightened my day :)