Monday, February 3, 2014

Finally an accurate hearing test

Today Dariya and I went back to the audiology clinic as we have been unable to get a proper hearing test completed on her since bringing her home from Ukraine.  She has been unwilling to allow anything in her ears or headphones.

We know that her left tube is out now so her ENT wanted a hearing test completed to see if having a tube will make a difference or not with her hearing.

Dariya was SUPER cooperative and such a big girl today.  She didn't cry or throw a fit for the headphones or anything.  That part was amazing.  I mean TRULY amazing.  You have no idea how big a fit she threw last time we did this.

Thankful for Susie, her private OT and listening therapy.

What wasn't so amazing were the results....although it is what I suspected all along.

She is hearing well in her right ear with both voice and tone tests she passed with flying colors.  However, in her left ear once the audiologist put "noise" in her right earphone to block her from cheating Dariya didn't respond to anything.  Not voice, not tone, nothing...

They tried the conductive bones behind her left ear and got no response either.

Dariya even allowed them to do a tympanogram and her ear drums were vibrating as they should be so placing a tube back in the left ear isn't needed as it won't improve her hearing.

We will do more testing in 5 weeks (and forever) but at this point the audiologist is classifying her left ear hearing loss as profound.  With the results of today's tests a hearing aid would not benefit her.

The audiologist did say that as Dariya gets more used to the tests and they can test more in depth and over more testing dates we could fine that her hearing loss is not as profound and a hearing aid might benefit her in the future.

I won't say I am not a little disappointed for her.  With such poor vision I was sure hoping her hearing would be great!  But, no matter what the outcome she always continues to amaze me with how far she has come and how much she has overcome in her short almost 6 years!

So proud of you Dariya!!!


Emily said...

I'm so proud of Dariya facing that challenge so bravely! And I'm glad you have some answers - I'll join you in praying for her hearing. XO

Jill said...

So glad to hear she was such a big girl and cooperated with the tests. Even just allowing them to do a tympanogram is big deal, I know. Way to go Dariya! I'm sorry to hear about her left ear though. :-( Praying she will be able to have a hearing aid at some point. Have they ever done a sedated ABR test? I don't know what kind of results that would yield vs. a regular hearing test. Grace and I just got back from the eye doc. She'll be sportin' some specs just like Dariya! :-)

Mrs. Lost said...

Great job D!!

The left ear hearing thing is no fun.. ugh.