Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First day of school...

Today Alayna started school at the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center (IDC). She has infant class for an hour and a half and on Thursday afternoons she has an individual physical therapy for 30 minutes.

The class went really well and Alayna LOVED Music therapy. She sat attentively on my lap and held her head up really well and was truly intruigued by all the sounds. They sang songs, clapped their hands, played the shakers (yes, Alayna can grab and shake (with help from mom) a shaker, she gets her musical talent from her mother), they have lights on the ceiling that twinkle like stars that they kids all loved watching while we sang twinkle, twinkle. Finally, they played the big drum while the kids individually laid on it. When Erin the therapist said that was all of music therapy for today Alayna made a frowny face...

Then it was on to speech and physical therapy. The speech therapist talked about the importance of routines. The PT worked with the older kids on positioning, while Alayna drifted to sleep in daddy's arms. Finally, we went to Occupational therapy, in which they use their gym and have tons of objects for the kids to work/play on for example, a ball pit, stairs, slides, swings, etc. Jason put Alayna on the big swing and she woke up and enjoyed the moment.
She will also have water therapy every other week.

The therapist all thought Alayna was doing super well (as we already thought) but, it is nice to have professional confirmation of that.

Aidan was distraught that he had to go to kindergarten and miss Alayna's first day. (I think the idea of us swimming without him was the key).

Aidan and I started back to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) today after our 3 month hiatus. Uncle Scott sweetly is coming to our house to watch Alayna so that we can attend. The children's ministry leaders made a HUGE fuss over Aidan being there and even made him the special helper for the day. He was beaming. My class made the same fuss so was truly good to be back. In another blessing from God, one of Aidan's teachers works with children who have down syndrome for the Shawnee Mission school district and she has all sorts of information and resources for us. It is amazing how God wondrously puts people in our lives.

We are blessed that God put you in our life and are glad you are keeping up with us through this blog.

Alayna is SO tired and to tell you the truth folks I am to...This parenting gig is one hard job.

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