Friday, January 9, 2009

Time flies when you are having fun....

Fun just doesn't describe
parenting Alayna well enough. She is a peach of a baby and has made our family complete. We know how blessed we are and are SO thankful for this gift.

She is doing extremely well. I wish I had a scale to weigh her on, she is getting so big. Let me tell you, she has come a long way from that 4# 14 oz, her cheeks are just as round and squishy as Aidan's were at this age. I must be doing something right with that milk I make. My kids come out looking like the Michelin man...with all their chins and rolls.

Her physical therapy went well yesterday. She was the best in the class!!! OK, OK it was individual therapy. They would never compare her to someone else and we don't want to either. We know each child is different and achieves things at their own pace.

They thought she was moving well, had good muscle tone and on track with where she should be at this age.
It was nice to have a professional who has worked with kids with down syndrome for 30 years confirm what we were thinking (you know as parents we always look at our own kids with rose colored glasses). We just wanted to make sure we weren't overlooking something.

Alayna is definitely observing people more now, smiling and cooing at them. Our neighbor, Liz came over and Alayna smiled SO much for her and her 3 year old daughter, Sarah. Of course, when I got the camera out she stopped (stinker).

We thank you for your continued checking in on our family. Please continue to lift our sweet baby up in prayer. Thanks.

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