Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter egg coloring fun

This morning Aidan was super excited to finally decorate our Easter eggs. He loves to take a white crayon and draw designs on the egg that show up in the dye bath.

Alayna & daddy had a good time putting her name on her eggs.

Aidan then took his eggs and put them in the dye.

We got a great idea from our friend, Kelly to put the dye in a baggie so Alayna could color her own eggs (wish I would have thought of this one when Aidan was younger!) Thanks Kelly & Kelsey!

Alayna enjoyed squishing the bag and watching the egg turn colors.

But, after 2 eggs she was having more fun playing with daddy so thankfully big brother stepped in to the rescue and dyed the rest of her eggs.

He liked the baggie idea too so did his own dye mixing in a baggie and came out with a "golden egg" (although it looks more chartreuse to me)!

The finished product!

We had such a fun morning.

I am truly thankful for my family.

We wish you a truly blessed Easter!


Stephanie said...

AHHH, the key word in your post was MORNING!!! You got your coloring done early! We are just about to START!!! OH, this is going to be a LOOONG night

Lori said...

Looks like fun - and so clean! Surprisingly, ours kids were fairly tidy at the end of our egg coloring this year. I was the one with the splattered shirt (oops!)

Sara Bell said...

So sweet! I totally forgot to dye eggs... I guess next year we will try again. Happy Easter!!!

Beverly said...

we love to color eggs at our house. looks like you all had a good time