Sunday, April 25, 2010

Padawans to Jedi how fast they grow!

Aidan is completely into Star Wars and enjoyed a Star Wars 7th birthday. Here are a few pictures of all the fun.

Darth Vadar and Luke battled it out on his cake. Thursday, Star Wars cupcakes were delivered for his schoolmates to enjoy thanks to daddy taking the day off and going up and having lunch with our Jedi wannabe.

That evening Uncle Ed & family and Aunt Elise & family came over for cake and ice cream and Star Wars presents galore.

Then Saturday night Aidan invited 2 friends to go out to eat with us at Fritz's, a restaurant where a train delivers your meal, the boys and Alayna LOVED it! The boys then came over to spend the night to celebrate his big day.

After dinner the young Padawans had a scavenger hunt around the house (rainy day outside) to begin their Jedi training by Master Jedi, Jason.

He trained them in proper use of the force, how to master their light sabers and how to use the force to fly.

Master Yoda, of course, was on hand to help train the younglings. (Alayna has been practicing her Yoda face for weeks just for this occasion!)

When Jason & Yoda were positive their learners had mastered all the skills necessary to be a Jedi they were then knighted.

The Jedi knights were able to defend the galaxy while enjoying some cake and ice cream, watching Return of the Jedi and staying awake giggling for hours!

What a fun 7th birthday! Thanks everyone for making Aidan's day so special (especially Master Jason~ your Jedi skills are good they are!)


Jenn said...

Looks like he had a great birthday!

Lori said...

Love it! I know that Charlie would have had a great time =)
May the Force be with you, Aidan!

ch said...

Oh, Alayna! That Yoda face is outstanding! (You need to meet LC's Auntie Whit...she was Yoda for Halloween when she was teeny...but her face wasn't NEARLY as cute about the whole thing...)

Beverly said...

looks like such a good time. such fun!

Stephanie said...

Very cool! And that restaurant!! My Andrew would go crazy.
Alayna wins best Yoda face EVER!!!!

Happy Birthday Aidan!!!