Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursdays...

Thankful moments from this week...

~Our church has been blessed to grow so rapidly since moving into our building 11 months ago that we have to add on...woo hoo!

~Friends who buy you awesome books on prayer (Power of a Praying Wife) for no reason!

~Big brothers who share their BELOVED (and I do mean beloved!) blanket with their little sister because it makes her happy! Also, watching her go get his blanket after he has left for school and hug it tightly. (She will even do this with his dirty socks if she can't reach his that is LOVE)

~Watching Alayna mimic everything Aidan does, and him giggle about it.

~My sweet husband who conjures up the energy to entertain 7 year olds to make Aidan's birthday a huge success, makes breakfasts and lunches and still has time to be silly and entertain us.

~My azalea bushes which are in full bloom.

~ One sweet little toddler who folds her hands to pray before meals and loves to go pee pee in the potty.

We hope you have a wonderfully, thankful Thursday...feel free to share.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful list of Thankfuls!! Love the picture on the potty! And I love big brothers!

Andrew fell asleep last night on the floor and Miss Emmie was snuggling in with him, sooo cute!

Aidan, you're a class act!! Sharing a special blanket is no easy feat!!!

Lacey said...

So cute. I love that pic of her on the potty. What a big girl!

Lori said...

Those are great Thankfuls! Aidan sharing his blankie is too sweet. Big Brothers are the greatest! =)

RK said...

Those are some really special blessings. (And a great book, though challenging for some of!) So thankful that God is blessing you richly, AND your church too!