Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Aidan knew it was early morning when they found Jesus' tomb empty so of course he was up before the sun to hunt down his Easter basket and eggs.

While he hunted the house for eggs Alayna batted and chased her eggs around on the floor.

Thankfully both kids aren't really into the candy.

Aidan completely enjoyed his Star Wars book and Alayna loved all over her new baby! They didn't even open the eggs to see what was inside.

It was a beautiful day here so after a super morning at church we spent the sunny afternoon at the park.

Alayna enjoyed taking off her sandals and feeling the grass on her very cute feet.

Celebrating the resurrection and spending the day with my hubby and kids. What could be better?

We hope your day was as blessed as ours.


Lacey said...

Happy Easter. If the weather doesn't change here soon I'm going to lose my mind!

Beverly said...

Happy Easter! love that last photo of those sweet feet.

Lori said...

Looks like you had a great day! Love the new pic at the top! =)