Saturday, June 19, 2010

Addition to the family...

Jason & I have talked about adoption for a while. We have talked to many families who have adopted and prayed about what God is calling us to do in regards to adoption.

While at this time we don't feel God is asking us to adopt a child we did feel him strongly urging us to continue to help children.

We prayed and the Amazima Ministries seemed to be where God was calling us to sponsor a child. If you want to be uplifted please follow the link to Katie's blog, where this 21 year old amazing young woman has moved to Uganda, welcomed 13 beautiful children into her home and started a food, education and spiritual ministry for the people there.

Today we received this beautiful child, Sempala, in response. We are thankful for the blessings God has given us and are truly happy to "adopt" this child.

Now I am off to a date with a handsome young 7 year old that I love endlessly....A 9 year old at our church, Neva is putting on a talent show fundraiser to raise money for the Global orphan project. She is going to build a whole orphanage in Haiti.

I am in awe of how God calls and inspires everyone to serve him!


Lacey said...

What a great ministry! I already have a feeling that we will be going back to Eastern Europe in the future to adopt again. I would have commited to two with Makayla, but some of our paperwork was already done. We'll just have to go back and rescue again!

Jenny said...

YAY for Amazima!! The most amazing ministry! I'm SO happy that you guys have decided to support this beautiful young lady, HIS child!

ch said...

We've been checking in on Katie regularly, thanks to your blog! We have always loved you guys for the equal importance you place on talking to God AND listening for his replies. Sempala's grin is a perfect match for your family!

Todd said...

Yay my dear! Thank you for sharing this. Amazima and Katie are truly amazing. Love you.