Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Summer has started out with a bang for us, we are truly enjoying spending time together everyday. I think Alayna and I will be very sad in August when Aidan has to go back to school. But for now we are so thankful for all our family time to enjoy each other.

~20 months with Alayna (yesterday!) So thankful God chose us to be her family. What a wonderful gift.

My Bible verse for the day was: Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from him Psalm 127:3.
How perfectly fitting.

~I am so thankful for Aidan being such a great big brother!

He can get Alayna to giggle like nobody else, she will climb, follow, play, mimic, lift toys, roll, stand and crawl as fast as she can to keep up with him. He is the best motivator and OT/PT we have.

~Rainy summer days filled with so much fun that the living room is destroyed and both kids are resting on cushions by 5pm!

~Finally, I am thankful that my parents are here and celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary this week.

Please share a few of your thankfuls from this week...


Aimee said...

WOW! You guys have been busy! I think people would pay you good money to have their kids looking like the two of them in the picture. SO cute!

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and YEAH for big brothers!!! :)

Kelli said...

I love the pictures...those kids look like they have such a great time together! Happy Anniversary to your parents...and here's to many more!

I have been very thankful for my friends and family this week...old friends, new friends, blog friends and family!

Erin said...

Siblings are the best!

Beverly said...

wonderful list of thanks! glad your parents are home for the summer.

Stephanie said...

Perfect!!! I just love it when kids are exhausted from too much fun! Definitely a sign of summer. That last pic is great!!

Happy 20 months!!!
And Happy Anniversary to your parents!!!

Heather said...

Daily Star Wars sword fighting her in California too!Miss Zoey only wishes she could participate full force,no pun intended, ... but she sure loves watching the antics.

Children are a gift ...must be why I have a half dozen floating around here.Wow,a half dozen... that does sound like a lot!

Ria said...

Great list! I can totally see how Aidan is Alayna's best OT/ PT motivator. What a wonderful big brother!

Kele said...

Nothing better at the end of the day than exhausted kiddos, especially when the exhaustion comes from a day full of laughter and fun!!

Rochelle, thank you sooooo much for checking in on my little love Presley, while she struggled with pneumonia. This blog community never ceases to amaze me. I was working on something, just for my blog, but it entails pictures of some of our precious babies, I know your photos are protected, but I would love to include a photo of Alayna, would you mind? I totally understand if you would rather not, but if so, could you send me a picture of her?
Again, no worries if you don't feel comfortable doing so but I am so appreciative of how everyone rallied for my girl that I just wanted to put together a little something for all of those who checked in on her.
Thanks so much!!

Lori said...

Aren't big brothers the best? Love the Star Wars duel. Charlie gives Anna the small end of his Duel Action LS...he says it is "Anna-sized" =)