Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun on the farm and ENT appointment

On Tuesday we went to Deanna Rose farmstead and enjoyed a beautiful, cool, summer day.

Now that Alayna is signing and making the sounds for many animals I could tell that she really enjoyed seeing all these farm animals.

She loved petting the calves and watching Aidan feed the goats but, her favorite animal was the chickens. She giggled as she watched them scratch and chase each other around and was saying bak, bak, bak.

Here is a little clip of her at the end of our visit (her bak, baks weren't as clear as they were early on.)

This morning Alayna had her ENT appointment to follow up on her flat tympanograms from the ds clinic in April and follow ups with our pediatrician and another audiologist in May.

Thankfully her eardrums looked clear, although the doctor had to clean some wax out of both ears. Her hearing registered today in the normal ranges but her tympanograms were still more flat than the doctor would like.

We have a follow up appointment with her in 6 weeks to recheck the movement of Alayna's eardrums and hearing. If it still isn't perfect Alayna will then be scheduled for tubes.

My only new bit of information from today's visit was that Alayna's tonsils were huge. The doctor wasn't concerned and wasn't suggesting a tonsillectomy or anything drastic right now but we will definitely be keeping an eye on them to make sure they aren't impacting her breathing etc.

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Aimee said...

Your hearing test sounds a lot like the one we had today... joy, huh? The only thing the audiologist told us to do was to contact our pediatrician, have them look at her ears, and then go back for a repeat (the THIRD) after that. I kindly told her that we have ALWAYS been at the ped, and they can never see ANYTHING, so it didn't really make sense to go back, again. Then she said that we could try to get in with ENT instead, if we'd rather, but it has a pretty good wait to get in... UGH. At least Piper's not the only one, right??? :)