Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

~Baby steps by Alayna...she has taken 1 baby step several times this week.

~A successful first attempt at co-teaching the Network spiritual gifts class at my church last weekend.

~My mom & dad who come and play with Aidan so that I don't have to drag him to Alayna's therapies. (Grandma is also pretty good at putting Alayna to sleep after her therapy, should have included a video as Alayna was snoring really loud!)

~Plums by the plenty hanging on our tree...time to make Jam!!!

~Beautifully sunny days that make us spend way too long at the pool and the peaceful slumber that follows.

~Belgian Chocolate, mmmm...

Hope you have had a great week, come on share a thankful, you can do it just hit the comment button! =)


Lacey said...

i would say I'm thankful to be home, but I wish I could pick up my house and move the whole dang thing! I'm thankful that this adoption is moving so quickly and mostly painfree!

Lori said...

And, you are thankful it is not Monday anymore =)

Kim said...

So thankful that I am off for the summer and can spend it with my children! Your little Alayna is adorable and was born the same year as my Mattie.