Monday, October 18, 2010

Time for preschool? (weekend pics & surgery date)

If you know me you know that I am not a procrastinator. However, I know Alayna just turned 2, don't panic and think I have totally gone off the deep end (at least not yet).

As Jason is on vacation this week and probably won't have another vacation until late spring or early summer we thought we would go visit the preschool through our local school district so that we can begin to figure out what placement we think is best for Alayna for next year.

The school Alayna attends now has a preschool program but, after visiting our local school preschool we are strongly leaning towards it. It was fantastic, it is housed in a brand new elementary building that opened in August which is minutes away from our home which doesn't hurt either.

One of the early childhood special educators that we met has a 21 year old son with ds. She immediately spotted Alayna and called dibs on her to be in her class for next year!

Alayna would attend this school for the next 3 years. At 3 & 4 she would go three days a week in the mornings then when she turns 5 she would be in the preK class everyday in the afternoons.

We are really thankful her birthday is in October so she will be a little older in her class giving her a little extra time to prepare for kindergarten.

After our preschool visit I was able to slip over and surprise a handsome 7 year old for his lunchtime, as he eats at 12:30 (prime nap time for Alayna) I haven't made it over to eat with him this year. He was really excited I came to see him.

On Saturday, I went to a retreat for our church. Jason and the kids went to a pumpkin patch and had a great day. Here are a few pictures from their day.
While we were touring the preschool Alayna's nurse called to say that her tonsil, adenoid and ear tube surgery is November 29th! We are on a call list in case someone else cancels, we are hoping to get it done earlier so that we aren't around the hospital in prime sickness season.


Lacey said...

How great that you found a great preschool for her, and a great teacher as well! It would definitely be nice to get that surgery done before all the nastiness in the hospital!

ch said...

Yahoo! So happy it was a successful visit...(and JEALOUS that we don't have such a cool language-immersion option for LC...)

Oh, how she'll knock their socks off!

Ria said...

So wonderful to find a great preschool. I'm thankful for Matthew's birthday being in October too for the same reasons as yours. All the best with the surgery. I've marked my calendar and will thinking of Alayna. Matthew and Alayna are surgery buddies, a month apart! We're scheduled for tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and ear tubes on Oct 26, unless something comes up that would move the date.

Aimee said...

How perfect that the school you like is so close! We have a brand new grade school and prek that we can see from our back window- and hoping that it's great!

We had the same thing with Piper's scopes and junk- took us 6 weeks or something raunchy to get in for surgery... What a pain! I'm sure you're ready to be DONE with it!!! Hoping that something opens up sooner! Good luck!

Stephanie said...

Lucky!!! I'm so glad you have something so wonderful to look forward to. I'm still hyperventilating about Em entering school in a year. I'm not going to make it, she'll be fine but i won't make it! And what a blessing that the teacher has a son!!! I am praying for something wonderful like that.
Praying for an opening for the surgery.

To Love Endlessly said...

woot, woot for a scheduled date! We couldn't even get in to see out ENT until the end of this month to try for a surgery date. Even then, we need to schedule the surgery after the consult...groan. Sounds like you're pretty darn lucky with that school!

Kristen's mom said...

Pumpkin patch pictures are always the best. Sounds like you found the perfect school.

Heather said...

Zoey has just loved school and I know that Alayna will too!Finding the right place,makes our mommy hearts heart a bit less as we let them go.Although,I truly rejoiced the day Zoey started school as she had worked SO hard to get to that day.

Hoping you can move up her day.bound to be a cancellation before then,I would think.

Deb said...

Woohoo! Are you in the DeSoto school district? We are! We have one in the three year old program this year!

Lisa said...

So awesome that you found a preschool you love... we're trying to visit preschools soon (Sheridan will start next fall, too), but the district here is really weird about it. Every time we try to call a school to come visit they say we have to ask the school district. The district doesn't want us visiting schools yet until we're closer to our IEP. ARGH! But I've got a work around I'm not afraid to use :)

So glad you have great options!!!!