Friday, December 17, 2010

Lily is giving away an I PAD!

Our friends over at A perfect Lily have upped the ante. This week they gave away an I Pod to people who donated to Olga (and God answered big with generous people who gave over $11,000). Now this week Lily's family is raising the bar and offering an I PAD to one lucky commenter who donates either to Olga or Kareen or both.

Both these little girls have down syndrome just like Alayna, but because they have down syndrome they are in an orphanage in Eastern Europe awaiting their forever family through Reece's Rainbow.

When January comes and you are taking down your holiday decorations and deciding what to do with all those new toys your kids acquired these two sweethearts will turn 5 and be shuffled off to a mental institution to spend the rest of their lives UNLESS we pray and give and tell our friends about this.

I look at Alayna everyday and it breaks my heart that there is even one single child that would be locked away forever just because they have down syndrome.

I ask you to give up a few fancy coffees, or even a present or two this holiday season and give the gift of a life to these children.

International adoption costs around $25,000 so for these girls to have half their money raised makes it easier for a family to step in and fund their adoption.

God calls each of us to support orphans and Reece's Rainbow is a great Christian organization to accomplish that mission.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry over to Lily's and enter to win a new I Pad!

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