Saturday, December 4, 2010

She has a forever family!

My heart skipped a beat or two today when I went online to check at Reece's Rainbow (International Down Syndrome Adoption website).

My sweet Maria, that I have been praying for over the past year has found her forever family. I couldn't be happier for this sweet girl who has been in my heart ever since I saw her face. I can't wait to follow her family's journey as they go to pick her up.

Maybe one day God will put it on our hearts that we are to adopt a child but, until then we will continue to do as God directs us to do in James 1:27 support others who are called to adopt and to pray fervently for them.

There are over 147 million orphans in the world. This Christmas I told Jason the only gift I wanted was to sponsor this sweet child so that someone could afford to bring her home! I urge you to forgo a couple Starbucks, skip that night out to dinner this season (or whatever your vice may be) and support an orphan.

Click here to donate to the Reece's Rainbow Angel tree OR,

One of my dear friends, Jenny & Cameron Wallace are in the final process of adopting a 15 month old little girl from Ethiopia, to add to their 3 biological children. Jenny was one of the special educators on my staff when I was an Asst Principal. This family is one of the best Christian families I have ever had the pleasure of being friends with. I urge you to hop over to their blog and donate via their donate link. They have been saving aluminum cans, selling t shirts and coffee to afford to add sweet Joleigh to their family.
Every penny you donate will forever change a life!!!


Patti said...

This is so awesome!Praise God, I am soooo happy!!

Ashley said...

I am SO very excited that she a forever family too! I went on Reece's Rainbow last night, and saw her on the "my family found me" list...I shrieked out loud! I am sooo happy for her <3

Stephanie said...

Rochelle I saw this this yesterday and didn't want to say anything . I knew this was your Maria! oh Rochelle I know she won't be yours but isn't your heart bursting with joy!!!! She is saved!!!!! Please Rochelle, pray for my Olga that she gets her forever family soon!! She will be five in January!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings FLOW!!! What a blessing she will be to her new family!!
Thanks for being such an encouragement to us Rochelle!! I just love you and wish so badly we lived closer!!

Heather said...

This is amazing,wonderful,happy news!

There is nothing like following one that you have fallen in love with,find their way home!My heart rejoices each and everytime!