Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.

This week I am thankful for...

~Alayna's great follow up check up with the ENT. Even though her hearing test in August was normal we can tell with the tubes she is hearing even better. She is using more language & many more words and sounds.

~We swapped cable companies and are going to save $600 this year (ooo how many orphans can we help with that?)

~Alayna & I were able to go back to BSF after being gone the past two weeks (one for her surgery recovery and one for my recovery from pink eye!) Thankful to be back in our normal routine.

~A warm home on these cold nights & a meal that is good enough, nothing ever fancy but, really how many people out there go without?

~Two very silly but, always entertaining kids and a sweet husband. Alayna's newest game is to pretend to sleep, she even has a cute little breathy "snore" that goes along with it. The other day I opened her car door and went to get her out and she was pretending to sleep, when I said, "oh no Alayna's asleep" she popped her eyes open and giggled heartily!

~That I finally figured out how to make our HD video on our new DSLR camera small enough to post on the blog. Here is Alayna being silly with Aunt Elise.

I am blessed.

How about you? What blessings were given to you this week?


Stephanie said...

AWWW, i wish i was getting that hug. Now that you figured out the video I'll be expecting them often!!!

This week I'm thankful for this amazing blogging community for pulling together for Olga! Everyone has been so helpful!

Lacey said...

Oh sweet girl! I'm thankful for much the same as you! Arina is doing so well, amazing seeing as where she came from!
For my nice warm home, and my beautiful family and friends!

Kim said...

Yea, Alayna!!! What a wonderful walk! We are so happy for you! Now you can keep up with that big brother even more!

Elisabeth said...

That's so cute how Alayna pretends to sleep. I love it!

I'm thankful that Wesley surprised us all by eating "big people food" for his feeding therapist this week.

JulieG said...

That was amazing! That was the sweetest hug ever :) Thankful for too many things to say but today in particular for a great audiology appointment with Leo.

K D said...

What awesome news! All of it!

Heather said...

29 seconds of pure magic!

There is not a night that goes by,that I am not tucking in the kids or climbing into my bed that I am not so aware of the blessings I have for the roof over our heads,clothes on our backs and the love of each other.

This week I am so grateful that Taylor arrived home safe and sound and we will celebrate this blessed Christmas together.

Have an incredible weekend.