Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

May peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!
Author unknown

~(From Alayna) That we will finally be able to OPEN these presents under the tree! She has been bothering one of Aidan's presents for weeks now, just that one! (Grandma it's the round one, go figure!)

~A first try at big girl panties for Alayna on Wednesday resulted in no accidents! She was in them for 3 1/2 hours until bedtime! WOO HOO! We are going to try a few hours a day.
~Last of the busy weeks for Jason, next week we can have daddy home in the evenings.

~Big brothers who play hide and seek over and over again with their 2 year old sister just because she asks him too. It has been so fun to have Aidan home all day!

~Lunch picnics on the living room floor with my two favorite kids.

~Tubes really do work..more words as of lately night, night (sounds like light, light), spider (pider), bubbles!

We hope your week has been blessed and that you celebrate the true meaning of Christmas! Please share a blessing from your week or your favorite Christmas tradition that your family has.

Here's a little finger play that Alayna's speech therapist taught her last week.


Cammie Heflin said...

So cute!!! Our tree is downstairs so fortunately Addy hasn't bothered them since we spend the majority of our time upstairs! Merry Christmas to you!!

Stephanie said...

Alayna you little smartie pants!!!!or should I say smartie "dry" pants, lOL
Amazing!! Rochelle, seriously ??? I am speechless at the accomplishments!

oH my favorite Christmas tradition is one a lot of people do. it's the Christmas Eve pajamas. my mom always had the prettiest new PJ's for me on Christmas Eve. so of course I continued with my kids. Although this year I am a little pj challenged! five kids and only two pj's so far. I'd better get moving!

ch said...

Oh, you sweet little monkey!!! Congratulations on BIG GIRL PANTIES!!! What a star!

WE love your Christmas fingerplay!! You smart girl...I wish Justin's snoring was half as cute as YOURS...

Lacey said...

I can't believe how big she's getting before my eyes!
We always get a jamba juice, and drive around and find houses with lots of Christmas lights. There is a neighborhood here that calls itself Christmas lane. And they decorate the whole street with thousands of lights. Its very cool!

Heather said...

Way to go Alayna .. you are such a big girl,in your big girl panties!

We too do the Christmas jammies like Stephanie.I been doing it for my kids since Jess was a baby .. 24 years now!And now I get to do all the sam traditions with my grandbaby.How fun is that.Also,since Jess has been little,I read the Night Before Christmas,an old copy that was my Granmother's.We snuggle into one bedroom,Sprawl on beds and the floor.Turn off the light.Click on a reading light and I read to everyone.Last tradition is Reindeer food.Been doing that for years too.Oatmeal with sparkles that the kids sprinkle on the lawn to guide Santa and his reindeer to our house.

A very blessed Christmas to you Rochelle and your beautiful,beautiful family!

Elisabeth said...

Way to go Alayna! I'm impressed that she's already potty training. Amazing!

We like to read the Christmas story from Luke and then open one present on Christmas Eve night.