Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dance recital video and pics

Friday night the girls performed in their first dance recital.  Above the Barre dance studio has blessed Access Dance this year by including our performers in everything.

We arrived early to take pictures and get prepared.  Both girls were doing well until the recital started.  I was a little worried as the recital didn't start until 7pm and they were the 22nd dance number to go on stage.

Alayna absolutely loved all the dancers and was dancing at her seat the whole recital.  Dariya did not want to be in the auditorium after the first dance number.  She and I sat in the atrium until it was time for them to perform about an hour into the show.  I didn't think she would go on stage.  But, as always she surprised me and went and sat with her class.

Once on stage they had the wrong music cued so she immediately had to be picked up by one of the helpers.  BUT, as soon as she heard the correct music start she jumped down and joined right in.  She amazed us and did a great job.  Alayna "the entertainer" tried to make a couple escapes and dove on the stage but, overall both girls were fabulous.  In the video you can see Dariya tap the floor telling Alayna to get back in her spot. LOL!

After they were finished Alayna immediately said, "more please!" That girl likes to be the center of attention that is for sure.

I had tears watching them both and seeing how far Dariya has come in such a short time.  A long way from an orphanage in Ukraine....

We love our little dancers and are so thankful to Mackenzie and the Access Dance team for working with our girls this year!

Alayna is 2nd from the right and Dariya is next to her 3rd from the right

Here is the video to enjoy.  Alayna is 2nd from the right and Dariya is 3rd from the right.  At times Mackenzie is standing in front of Alayna so you can't always see her.


Jill said...

Way to go, girls!!! You are awesome!!!

Becca said...

Ohmygosh, that was CRAZY CUTE!!!!! Love it! Great job, girls!

Elisabeth said...

I love it! Your girls did such an awesome job! And they are so cute. I'm sure you are one proud mama.

EVELYN said...

They are just precious!