Monday, June 17, 2013

Pre surgery physical, check

Today Alayna had her pre-surgery physical with her pediatrician.
It kind of seemed like a waste of time.  It was mostly information the doctor could check off and verify without seeing Alayna in person.  But, there were a few questions about her current health etc, the fact that we are rule followers and there will be NO eye muscle surgery if we didn't have this physical so off we went.

Of course, Alayna wooed our pediatrician by reading a book to her, telling her our phone number and address, and her birth date and age.

She was declared healthy and we got our golden ticket to have surgery next Friday!

We celebrated by having a swim party in the backyard.

Yes, we know how to party!  Who says you can't have fun in 3 inches of water?

We would love prayers for a great surgery and recovery for Alayna!  thanks!!!


Emily said...

Good news!
Stay cool, Cannons!

Elisabeth said...

I will be praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery!

teal915 said...

Best wishes for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery