Monday, June 24, 2013

In a courtroom in Ukraine

Two years ago today Jason and I stood in a hot courtroom in Ukraine and petitioned to be named Dariya's parents.

Thankfully God was with us and gracefully brought us through court and surrounded us while we were in Ukraine for those 5 weeks.
This little girl who amazed us with her loving and sweet attitude back then continues to amaze us with her kind heart, love and the seamless way she fits into our family.

We are so blessed to be given this child.

We don't take this gift lightly.

Her birth parents loved her dearly and wanted what was best for her.  Unlike many orphaned children, Dariya's parents didn't walk away from her when they learned of her down syndrome diagnosis.  Instead they loved her and wanted her but, in their culture there was no place for her.

There was no early intervention.

There was no parents as teachers that comes to your home and helps you teach your child.

There was nothing besides doctors who told them the best place for Dariya was in an institutionalized setting.    Her parents didn't walk away but instead they visited daily.  Dariya's paternal grandparents visited.  They all came on her birthdays and brought treats for her groupa and celebrated her life.

They loved her.  They still do.

When they learned of Reece's Rainbow they sought out the help of the Ukrainian team to find out if Dariya could be adopted by someone in the United States and be given a chance at better opportunities to reach her potential.  As it turns out the timing of them signing Dariya over for international adoption and God laying adoption on Jason's heart were nearly simultaneous.

I love how God is in all the tiniest of details.

Her birth father, Sasha came to meet us and visited with us a few times before we left to fly back to the United States.  For this we are very grateful.  He continues to have contact with us, has provided us pictures, video and information around Dariya's birth and early years that we never would have had.

We are humbled that God chose us and that He continues to bind our family together.

If truth be told I can hardly remember a time without Dariya and I am sure her sister would say the same thing.  They are definitely inseparable.

She has grown so much over the past two years.  The toddler look has gone away and she is a big girl now. She has learned so many things and continues to be a shining star.
Special thanks to Sarah for the adorable dresses she made the girls!
She is a blessing...

There are many other children who are sitting in orphanages in Ukraine (and other parts of the world).  Please pray with us for these children to find their forever families.

If you feel so led please donate in honor of Dariya to one of our friends who are all going back again to rescue another orphan!

Always thankful for the journey we are on.


Unknown said...

so very beautiful and inspirational xxx

teal915 said...

What a blessing that her parents love her like that. I'm sure that will be something that she will be glad to hear one day.

Jill said...

Happy Court Day Dariya!

I had forgotten you had court several days before us. (Thanks for the reminder too as I really should blog about that. :-))

So happy for you and Dariya that you have a relationship w/ her birth family. I know I really treasure our contact with E's bio family too. Such a blessing!

Praying for you today and this week as you do your "5-day" week. :( No side effects, Lord!