Friday, June 21, 2013

Surgery update

Pre surgery - playing with some little pet shop animals

Alayna did really well with surgery today.  The nurses were all smitten with her.
We were at the hospital about 5 hours total of which surgery lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  She had an uneventful recovery and was discharged about an hour and a half post op.

Her eyes aren't as red as I thought they would be.  Hoping that doesn't get worse!

Once home she had a little lunch then took a nap.  She was in pretty good spirits and not in much pain until the Motrin wore off.  We could tell pretty quickly that her eyes were hurting as she kept covering them and trying to rub them.  Once she had another dose of Motrin she was ok again.   She had the usual clingy kid syndrome you get with a child that doesn't feel her best which is to be expected, otherwise we count today a huge success.

We have a follow up Monday to check that there is no infection.

We won't know for a couple weeks if the surgery was a success as it will take her brain a little while to process the new placement of her eyes.  For now we don't have to patch (and I am praying we never have to again!) #sodonewithpatches

Thank you for the prayers, we appreciate everyone of them.


teal915 said...

Glad it went well : )

Elisabeth said...

So glad Alayna's surgery went well. Praise The Lord!