Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Surprise visit

When Aidan got off the bus today his face was RED...not from anger but rather total excitement. He saw his Grandma & Pop Pop's car in the driveway. He ran (so fast I couldn't get a picture that wasn't a blur) from the bus, up the stairs and nearly knocked grandma down hugging her then he moved on to hugging Pop Pop. To put it mildly he is SO glad they are back from wintering in Texas. He even traded in snuggle time with mom for time with grandma tonight!

Alayna had plenty of smiles for Grandma & Pop Pop even with little sleep today... This morning the home occupational therapist, Megan came for her first visit. She gave us some great information and ideas to help Alayna continue meeting her milestones. She will come back every other week to meet with us and check in on Alayna.
This afternoon Alayna only napped about 30 minutes for my sweet friend, Amy (THANK YOU!) who kept her so I could go surprise Aidan by volunteering in his classroom again (I thought I better get in there since there is only a few weeks of kindergarten left ahhh!)
Before Alayna turns orange from all the carrots, sweet potatoes and squash she has been eating we will be starting in on the green veggies tomorrow. So far so good with the food. She hardly lets any get on her face she is so busy munching it up. Although I should have taken a picture tonight, she was so tired that her head kept bobbing and I had squash up her nose. Poor girl. Nothing a quick bath and bed by 6:30 didn't cure...

Hopefully she will sleep well tonight and tomorrow morning for Uncle Scott so she can enjoy baby class tomorrow afternoon.

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Jenn said...

Visit from grandparents are the best! Hi to Auntie Pat and Uncle Al for us. Love keeping up with you guys on the blog. Alayna is getting so big.