Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kindergarten celebration

Today started at 4 am (No pictures needed, I am not a pretty lady at 4 am)...not with Aidan or Alayna but rather my sneaky husband pulled some strings at work and was able to go into work at 4:45 for preload shift so that he could be home early to come to Aidan's kindergarten music program.

Aidan was SO excited when he got up this morning, he has been practicing his songs and choreography for several weeks. He quickly put 2 and 2 together (can't keep anything secret from that smart cookie) that Jason was working early to come home early for him. He was elated.

Grandma, Pop Pop, Jason, Alayna and I all attended the program. It was so adorable. The kids were all so cute. They sang: The wheels on the bus, This old man, Old MacDonald, 6 Little Ducks, and Down by the Bay. They had super cute choreography to go with it.
I got it all on video and plenty of pictures if you ever want to come over to our house to see. (Don't want to post other kids photos without their permission).

Alayna and I skipped baby class today as it conflicted with Aidan's program.

However, Magen, Alayna's home OT came yesterday and Alayna gave a good showing even though she had JUST fallen asleep 15 minutes before Magen arrived. We will continue to work on Alayna pivoting to find toys, sitting and reaching with her left arm (she definitely is right arm dominant).

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K D said...

Yay for Aidan! I am glad your husband was able to go! What a neat surprise!

We missed you in class. :)