Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yearly Conference & Evaluation Update

This morning Grandma came to hang out with Aidan (thank you Grandma) while Jason, Alayna & I headed to IDC for Alayna's annual evaluation and conference to set her goals for the upcoming year.

We know Alayna is awesome and doing really well but, I definitely was a little anxious to hear what the committee had to say about her. It was a little strange to be on the parent side of this kind of conference as I have always been the presenter of information as a special education teacher, administrator and even as an advocate for other kids.

Thankfully my anxiety went away quickly and the evaluation and following conference weren't too bad.

Overall, Alayna's gross motor and fine motor skills are on track at the 6 month level (she has to master sitting before she jumps up to the 7 month level and beyond.)

They also evaluated her speech/language skills which are at the 8th month level for receptive language (ability to process, comprehend, or integrate spoken language. Simply put, being able to understand what someone says to you) and 4th month for expressive (putting words together to form thoughts or express one's self).

She is talking a lot (and singing...that yummy thumby song is one of her best!) but not babbling consonants together yet like bababa, dadada therefore the discrepancy. The speech language person who did the evaluation was not concerned with the discrepancy instead she was very complimentary of Alayna's social interactions, talking, and lip closure.

Overall, we felt like their assessment of Alayna was on target and the goals that were set will continue to move her forward. We will continue to work on transitions (getting in and out of sitting, pulling up etc.), reaching for toys, and meeting other developmental milestones over the next year.

We will begin our new baby class on Monday afternoons instead of Wednesdays. It will be so nice to have Alayna in a group with kids who are closer to her age. Thank you God for that answered prayer!

We will continue our weekly individual PT sessions with Erin every Thursday. This also works out well because Alayna was worn out some Thursdays from all the work she had done in Wednesday's baby class so didn't have much to give poor Erin. Also, Alayna's OT will still visit us at home twice a month to help keep us on track.

New cute thing this week...she now looks at you raises one eyebrow then smiles. Where did all this cuteness come from?


K D said...

Yay for Alayna! All sounds really great!

We will miss you on Wednesdays!

ch said...

Oh, Puddin' Pop! We're so PROUD of you! What a great job you did showing off all your tricks and talents. We feel VERY thankful that LC will have a talkative buddy to speak up for her! Let's see if we can go together to the next conferences...we'll put you girlies back to back and I'll bet you have some buddy-sitting skills that will shoot you both up into that 7 month motor skills chart...

Anonymous said...

Way to go sweet Alayna! So glad to hear that all is well in your development. You're obviously well ahead of the game in cuteness too :)

Julie and Leo