Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day recap

I had a wonderful Mother's Day... Both kids slept in (which hardly ever happens in our house). Aidan woke up at 8:10 and I had to wake Alayna at 8:20 so we could get to church on time...YAHOO! We had taken the kids to get their pictures made on Saturday for my Mother's Day gift! Besides the 3 wonderful cards Aidan made for me. He made this beautiful flower garden for me with sparkly flower petals. Very nice.

After church we stayed around the house and played games with Aidan while Alayna napped. Aidan even "cooked" me lunch, yep you guessed it...peanut butter and banana sandwiches yummy (one of my favorites)!

Grandma & Pop Pop came over in the afternoon and Jason grilled us steaks with all the fixins'. It was a really nice way to spend the day celebrating what a blessing God has bestowed on me all while celebrating my own mom too.

I do so love Aidan & Alayna and thank God that he gave me the wonderful opportunity to be a mother each time I look into their little faces!
We are winding down the school year, so Grandma & Pop Pop are coming to have a little time with Alayna while I surprise Aidan with volunteering in his classroom again this afternoon. I can't believe there are only 2 weeks left of kindergarten. AHHH!
The older I get the faster the time goes...both Aidan and I are reeling with the thought of him being gone all day for 1st grade next year. He asked me to home school him for next year (like I did for preschool) so he doesn't have to be gone so long.
That will melt any mom's heart now won't it? Of course, I am sure today he will say NO WAY AM I MISSING OUT ON SCHOOL. He does love all the activities and learning and friends!
Hope you have a blessed week and thanks for checking in on us!

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