Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't leave the water, it's too hot!

As the temperatures continue to be soaring in the near triple digits (over 110 with heat indices) we decided to hang out this weekend near the water to try and stay cool and soak up some last minute, summer, family, fun time.

Aidan loves to go down the water slides... while Alayna loved playing in the fountains and jumping in the big pool.

Alayna also really enjoyed the lazy river. I think she & daddy could have floated around there all day. She didn't even mind the buckets of water that dump on your head, the sprays, or going under the waterfall.

The only snag was they got stuck in one of the whirlpools. Never fear big brother was there to tow them out and save the day. Let's hear it for Aidan!

I just couldn't help but to take pictures and giggle =)

This afternoon we braved the heat again to attend our church picnic and baptism service. Each year we have an outdoor baptism at the lake.
Two years ago Aidan chose to be baptized and last year Alayna was dedicated at this same service on the beach. Notice the shirt she is wearing today is a 2T - she wore it last year as her dedication dress! Click here to see her dedication pics!

After the boys were in pie eating, then watermelon eating contests we went down to enjoy the beach before the service began for a little cooling off.

Alayna loved the sand and how it felt in her hands. Aidan busied himself with all his friends building sand castles, playing in the water and digging for rocks and shells. And of course, he made a little time for snuggles from his sister.

Five people were baptised as the sun set. Truly a beautiful evening for us to witness and celebrate these ladies dedicating their lives to Christ.

As we only have 4 days left of summer and there is a heat advisory everyday you can bet we will be at the pool!


Lacey said...

Man I feel like we wasted a weekend! Summer is almost over and we need to fit everything in we can before its gone!!

Cammie Heflin said...

What a fun place! Maybe the kids and I can head up there next summer. I'm REALLY hoping that Addy will be walking by then. No, I'm REALLY REALLY hoping Christmas but we'll see!

Aimee said...

I canNOT get over how cute the kiddos are together. Aidan is such a great big brother. Alayna is truly blessed!

...and for the record? It's considerably cooler here in CO-- feel free to stop by... :D

Kelly said...

What a GREAT way to stay cool!! Looks like the kids are having TONS of FUN soaking up the last days of summer vacation!! I just LOVE the last pic.....sibling LOVE (my favorite)!!!

To Love Endlessly said...

all sorts of cuteness over here! looks like it was a great vacation!!!

Jenny said...

that looks like TONS of fun:)

Lori said...

Sounds like a great way to wrap up summer!