Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday

~So very thankful for fall like weather. We have been able to get out and walk and play at the park.

~A piano, we found a piano! A sweet lady was retiring and moving to a Caribbean island (must be nice eh?) and gave us a great deal on her one owner Baldwin. She was hoping that it would go to someone who had a child learning to play. Aidan is super excited to start piano lessons next week.

~Alayna's fine motor skills are coming along nicely. She is loving using her utensils so much that she will pick up a cheerio that has landed on her tray and put it back in the bowl so she can scoop them out with her spoon.

~We have had so many people join &/or donate to our Step Up for Down Syndrome team.

~I am thankful for my sweet husband who doesn't even mind when I blow off cleaning or errands or even skip going to the grocery store in lieu of a park date with Alayna!

Hope you have had a great week, don't forget to leave your thankful....


Stephanie said...

AWWW that video was great!!!

I can't get Miss em to work with utensils!!! She swings her little fork around like a sword fighter, at which point the food is usually hurled through the air!

I'm thankful it has finally stopped raining! Four days straight!! UGH!!

ch said...

I'm thankful my day gets to start off with such a cutie video! Congratulations to Aidan on his new instrument. (And, something tells me, Alayna's fingers WON'T be far behind his!)

Ria said...

all great things to be thankful for!
I'm thankful for the opportunities available to us today for Matthew's development.

Kim said...

We really missed out at the park. :(

Looking forward to seeing you and Alayna at class tomorrow. She is talking up a storm!