Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

~Great start to the school year for Aidan. (Minus having to miss day #2 due to strep throat). He loves his teacher and is so excited to learn all the cool 2nd grade stuff.

~A great visit with my 96 year old grandmother yesterday. She LOVES Alayna. Alayna made her day today by sitting on her lap and playing patty cake and giving her high fives. Very sweet to watch.

~Alayna starting back to school today after a nice few weeks off. We are blessed by all the teachers and therapists who work with her. They are all top notch and love her dearly. (Please pray for her speech therapist, Valerie who had surgery this week and won't be with us for a couple months).

~Awesome piano teacher for Aidan that decided to start teaching again at just the time we were praying about lessons for him. God's timing is so amazing.

~Sibling love - I love to sit back and watch Aidan & Alayna interact. Especially when one of them is sick or hurt, they immediately comfort one another. She is over the moon when he picks her up and hugs her after he gets off the bus. This morning when I got up I found Aidan in Alayna's crib with her making her giggle. Don't get me wrong they definitely have their brother / sister moments already too. I guess that is why when I see how much they really do love one another it melts my heart.

Please share one of your great moments from your week that you are thankful for...


Kelli said...

I am so thankful to hear that I got a new position (which won't be official tonight) at school that will make things so much better for my family and means I will get to spend more time with Colin!

RK said...

I'm thankful Braska is finally feeling better and sleeping better. What a difference!

Lacey said...

I'm thankful that my baby boy is so strong and always keeps smiling!
I'm thankful that we were finally submitted, so we can bring our baby girl home!

Runningmama said...

I am thankful for a great first week of pre-school for Ethan!

Stephanie said...

I'm thankful we're back online! I've missed everyone so much while we were away!!!