Monday, August 16, 2010

Hooky on the 2nd day of school?

Aidan was devastated to wake up this weekend with a sore throat which only got worse and by bedtime included a high temperature.

We went to see our friends at Urgent care (they do love us as we are keeping them from going out of business during the recession.)

Thankfully after a rapid strep test that came back immediately positive he was given a round of antibiotics to help him get back on the healing trail.

Not to worry though he had the cutest little nurse in the metro area taking care of him. She made sure to deliver his blankets, tuck him in, pat him on the back, tickle him a little, get him water and popsicles and finally Motrin (when I could squeeze it out of her cute little fingers).

Needless to say he couldn't go to school today but he is in good hands and is well on his way to feeling better and will return to the petri dish tomorrow!


Kelli said...

Awww, feel better Aidan!!!

Lacey said...

We've had strep a lot lately around here! I would take that nurse anyday!

Kelly said...

Oh no, Aidan......get well soon!!! Looks like you are in good hands!!

Heather said...

Strep=no fun.Joe has had it 4 times since January 1st and one more time and those tonsils are coming out.Along with his monstrous adnoids which lead to recurrent sinus infections.

Alayna is the cutest nurse ever by the way!