Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

~Alayna's follow up ENT appointment went SUPER! She still has a little fluid behind her eardrums but it is not affecting her hearing at all! We are thankful that we don't have to have ear tubes placed (at least for now). We will follow up with this doctor only on an as needed basis.

~We had back to school night for Aidan last night and met his 2nd grade teacher (wow did I just say 2nd grade? sniff, sniff) . She seems amazing and Aidan really liked her. Seriously, how could he not she was high energy, super positive and super cute!

We have been blessed with great teachers so far and we thank God for answering our prayers for His hand in placing Aidan in just the right teacher's class that will help him grow, develop and learn best.

~ So very thankful for Aidan & Alayna and being able to stay home with them, it is the best job ever. Also, thankful for the past 3 months that we have had Aidan home with us everyday...I know one little sister who isn't going to like seeing that bus come tomorrow morning.

~With the excessive heat here this week I am truly thankful for our home, AC, and a great community pool that we love (which we will soak in the last day of summer at today!).

~Finally, I am thankful that Alayna has mastered her 3 step walk. She has it down to a fine science, if she stands up and realizes she is more than 3 steps away from you she will get back down and crawl a little closer, stand up and then take her magic 3 steps. Stinker!

We hope your week has been blessed, share a thankful or two...


Cammie Heflin said...

Looks like he's excited to head back! I'm so tired of the heat too, still under excessive heat warning until tomorrow night. Guess it's the same three hours away huh?

Kelly said...

Glad to hear that Alayna's ENT visit was a good one. Landon goes the 23rd of this month, I hope we have good news too!!

Sounds like Aiden is going to have a wonderful school year. Great teachers are 1/2 the battle!! And I just love the sibling pic!! Look at all that LOVE=)

Enjoy your day at the pool!!

Yes, I am thankful for central air and a pool too=)

Lori said...

Gald to hear the ENT appt. went well - we have hearing test and follow-up appt. for Anna at the end of the month.
Good luck to Aidan on his first day of school!
And, seriously - how old is his teacher, like 20? Of course she has energy! Man, I must be getting old - ha!