Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Potty training 101: Operation Underpants

Alayna continues to make super progress in potty training. If you want to read about how we started click here.

She has been doing really well letting us know when she has to use the toilet and is staying dry, even in diapers during the day (most of the time). So, I decided the few weeks off school during Christmas break would be a great time to test out her readiness to step into big girl panties.

She was super excited to put on underwear and sport them around. Her big brother was just as excited and was broadcasting the news to anyone who would listen! Really, he helped pick out her new undies and was telling the cashier at Target all about his sister being such a big girl. He was even excited for her when he found out that she is potty training a few months earlier than he did!

The first day I kept her in undies only a few hours. Each day I added a little more time until she is wearing big girls all day (besides nap time but, she is usually dry in her diaper after naps now too). She has only had 2 accidents.

I learned quickly the first couple days that she did NOT want to be put on the toilet every hour just to see if she needed to go. That was making her frustrated. So I backed off and have let her tell me when she needs to go. The only "scheduled" times are first thing in the morning, before and after nap and before bed.

I wasn't brave enough on Christmas Eve or day while we were traveling to church and other people's homes to not use a diaper. But, she again surprised me by signing potty when she needed to go both days and did not wet in her diaper.

We know there will be accidents and that nighttime training will come later as with all kids but, we are super proud of our big girl and the progress she continues to make.

Slow and steady wins the race, we introduced the potty about 6 months ago and are thankful that she took to it so well. Hopefully within a couple months our diaper bill will be greatly reduced.

We are working on her pulling up her pants and helping out with washing her hands (she is so little she can't reach the faucet yet though).

Are you working on potty training with your toddler? Any tips or tricks that you can share?


Heather said...

First of all,Christmas looked like it was absolutely amazing.Loving Alayna in the boxes ... a kids best present most of the time,isn't it?

As for potty training,I think I have shared that we started introducing Zoey to the idea last spring.Very difficult undertaking for her,especially due to her stroke but I certainly don't regret it.Her secondary diagnosis of CP makes things more complicated but not impossible.She actually does really well when we are on the go.More often than not,staying dry for a few hours when we are out on errands.I have an extra potty seat in the back of the car which really makes things easier.

She does sign potty but with being non verbal,we often miss her cues when we are not within her sight.Which is a bummer and not waking doesn't allow her to facilitate much, if any of her own initiation.Like I said,makes things complicated but not impossible.Hoping one day it all comes together.Till then,slow and steady is our adopted mantra!

Happy Monday!

Elisabeth said...

Way to go Alayna! I know your mama's so proud of you!

That's amazing that Alayna is doing so well at so young. I can't even imagine introducing the potty to Wesley now in hopes of potty training him in six months!

Stephanie said...

OK that's it! Bella just went downstairs to get the potty! We're not messing around anymore!! and I'm putting Andrew's old potty video on today!
Alayna you are my potty training motivation!

The sign of the day... Potty!

wish us luck!

Seriously Alayna you leave me speechless!

Erin said...

Wow, I am so impressed! I am so not looking forward to potty training at all!

Cathy said...

Wow...impressive. I haven't really even thought about this or even looked into it. Thanks for the motivation!! are amazing!

Sara Bell said...

Way to go Alayna! I am so impressed! I will have to get back on here when I start that wonderful journey of potty training!

Lacey said...

Man, I think you need to be the one handing out the advice, she is doing so great! I can only hope Arina does that good when the time comes!