Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: Lazy Sunday

As we had no where to go or no place to be today we decided just to enjoy the day and have a lazy Sunday.  Of course, Dariya decided to wake up around 6:20 but she is a quiet snuggler in the morning so she stayed in bed until 7:30 with me.

We got ready and met Joel & Rachel Golden for lunch at the Ukrainian buffet.  The Golden's are a sweet couple that are adopting their first children via RR, Jackson and Josiah.
A couple from our building who speak good English introduced themselves and Jason shared what we were doing in Ukraine.  They thought Dariya was wonderful and were so glad to meet us and know our story.  They were just heading into town and asked us if we would like a ride to the restaurant.  Very kind (wish they would have picked us up, the restaurant is about a mile from the apartment but it is all up hill). LOL

A building across from the president's office

Us with the Golden's in front of the President of Ukraine's office
Dariya is napping well in the afternoon.  It took her quite a long time to go to sleep last night so we are hoping that she gets into a good sleep routine once we get home.  Praying she sleeps on the plane too, otherwise the people next to us will be asking for new seats I am afraid.

Praying our embassy appoinments tomorrow go well and quickly.


ch said...

Praying you through your embassy visits and hoping she's off to sweet dreams speedy quick this evening!

Jackie Wallace ( aunt) said...

I really enjoyed skyping with you guys today and of course meeting my neice Dariya. What a great start to my day, she is lovely. Enjoyed the pics and video today in the water.Dariya looks like she was having fun.