Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: Sunshine Saturday, day in pictures

Beautiful day here, sunny and 75°.  We played a litte inside to avoid the mud then went outside for the rest of our visit and enjoyed the sunshine.
Yogurt snack and giggles with daddy. Does it get much better?

Hello, Aidan we will be home soon!

Vroom, vroom outta my way!

Tamara LOVES Dariya. She comes in even on her days off to see her. 
Here are some things Dariya is doing:  Amazing to see her transform in just 2 weeks with us.
Smothering me in kisses daily, Requesting songs and signing Mister sun, Itsy Bitsy Spider and All the fish without us signing with her.  Saying vroom, vroom for cars and making the car sign instead of beep, beep.  Signing: stop, more, please, eat, ball, bubbles, me, play, tree, children, apple.  Saying: mama, dada, said Alayna "layna" twice.


Unknown said...

i love love love it!

Cammie Heflin said...

Yeah! I cannot wait until you get her home!

suelmayer said...

She is beautiful, I love all the pictures! Praying that your travels and bringing her home continue to go perfect!

Elisabeth said...

Wow! That's amazing that Dariya has picked up so many words and signs so quickly. She'll be a pro by the time Aidan and Alayna meet her!

Sabrina said...

She is so precious. What a blessing she is for your family and what a blessing your family is for her!