Friday, July 1, 2011

Bringing Dariya home: Physical therapy Friday!

Happy 400th post to us!

The sun just couldn't hold out any longer, we made it to the orphanage for our morning visit and down came the rain.  Thankfully each caregiver in Dariya's groupa is really good at guessing Jason's charades (with lots of giggles mind you) and has understood for us to be able to continue to play in the sports room each day.

When we arrived in the sports room a "physical therapist" was working with a baby boy whose mother was present.  We realized pretty quickly that the little boy wasn't living here at the orphanage but his mom (dressed to the 9's) was bringing him here to work with this therapist.  I felt a little bad because he was way more interested in smiling and making faces at us than doing the tricks they were trying to get him to perform.  Anyway, it was nice to see that they have a pt in the building on a daily basis and knows what she is doing.  Even though she doesn't do individual therapy with each child in the orphanage they have "classes" biweekly in this sports room and I assume she is present and helps work with the kids.

We decided to do a little PT of our own.  In true Cannon fashion, Dariya enjoys working on the ball just as much as Alayna does. 

We know many of you are traveling for the holiday weekend, enjoy your travels, be safe.  And please remember that independence day means so much more than cookouts, family, fireworks, getting away from the queen (well not in our house LOL) but instead to 147 million orphans that are waiting for their families independence day is so much more.  Praying we will see our own independence day at the end of next week.  There might not be visable fireworks when we pick her up from that orphanage for the last time but, believe me they will be in my heart!

She is so cute in the way she takes her napkin and wipes her face after each snack or meal.

We will never forget the faces of the children we have seen here and pray that you won't either.


Jill said...

LOL Does Jason call it the "The Great American Rebellion?" :-)

But seriously, you are so right! 147 million orphans do need their own Independence Day! Desperaterly! And I do think the orphanage should have their own stash of fireworks for each Gotcha Day. It's only appropriate! :-)

Cathy said...

I loved catching up on the things I've missed over the past week. Can't wait to see the "Gotcha Day" post!!! God bless!

Lacey said...

We were on the tram at Disneyland, and Ray had been telling a family about our adoption of Arina. As she pulled crazy faces, and waved at them, the grandma couldnt believe a healthy baby was thrown away simply because of an extra chromosome. Trust me, we cant either!

Renee said...

thinking of you tonight.. this week will fly by and soon, very soon, you will be home... :)

Heather said...

Wish we could send up fireworks from California when you take sweet Dariya out the the orphanage ... instead out hearts will be bursting with such joy ... I can hardly wait!Prayers continue.