Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dariya is brilliant...

We got the great news today that Dariya passed all her tests with flying colors!  We had taken her to our pediatrician 2 days after we arrived home to run all blood work, labs and have new x rays taken to rule out TB that the doctors in Ukraine thought she might have. 

We are happy to report our girl is spot on healthy.  No parasites, no TB, no thyroid concerns, no celiac (Alayna doesn't have it either...doing an eat more bread happy dance over here), no health concerns at all!  She is a happy, healthy, chunky 30 pound bundle of love.

Yahoo Dariya we are so proud of your acing your tests without even studying.  You are a rock star girlfriend.  Next week is our preschool intake conference won't they be impressed?

Next tests, August 15th ophthalmology appointment (we are expecting to get glasses as she had glasses in Ukraine but they couldn't keep them on her tiny little bridge of her nose), August 24th cardiology consult just to verify her heart is perfect and then in September both girls go to the ds clinic for their annual check ups and spinal x rays to make sure they don't have Atlantoaxial Instability.

It truly does seems like Dariya has been with us forever.  Being in Ukraine seems so long ago even though it was only two weeks ago we were arriving home.  I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how intricate God's plan was to bless us with this little girl.  Each day I thank him for the gift of Dariya, she is amazing and I can't imagine our lives without her.

Life continues to go smoothly, minus the dead battery on my car last week (my own fault) and having strep throat this week.  Even after Jason went back to work. 

We were able to attend church this week for the first time since being back from Ukraine.  What a blessing to be in worship.  I was very glad that Dariya did not attempt to go to anyone, she walked around a little bit but, kept me in her sights the whole time.  Ahh that does a momma's heart good.

The girls are having a wonderful time playing together and learning from one another.  Alayna is quick to offer Dariya the sign and word for something when needed.  Alayna LOVES to pat Dariya on the back or have me pat her on the back, ever the little momma.  So now Dariya clearly says, "pat, pat, pat".  When I get Alayna up in the morning or after nap her first word is, "Dora" (Dariya) Oh boy, am I at the bottom of the totem pole me she has hugs and kisses for sister always, and some for mom well sometimes =)!

Dariya has turned into a fish in the bathtub.  In Kiev, she enjoyed the bath but, I couldn't get her to lay down or really play in it she just kept washing herself.  Well, 2 weeks later she is like a highly trained dolphin at Sea World nearly doing flips over Alayna to lay down in the bath and swim around.   It is truly comical.

Aidan is loving having two little sisters chase him around.  It is fun to watch the three of them interact with each other.  Dariya is a fantastic eater.  My kids are definitely not picky eaters and Dariya fits right in.  Aidan obliged her with passing off the rest of his cooked broccoli last night for dinner (he loves it raw but, not cooked).  Yep she ate it right up!   Now that is a loving brother isn't it?

Finally a special thanks to Sarah Marie, who continues to bless our family.  She made the girl's dresses they are wearing in the new header pic and Aidan's shirt which says,"Big brother x 2 with a heart!  Super cute!  We got tons of compliments on them at church on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Oh, so beautiful!! I can hardly wait to squeeze all three!
nana cam

Stephanie said...

Yes she's brilliant!! Absolutely brilliant!

So's that header pic!! love it!

Life sounds fabulous and I can almost "hear " your joy as I read your posts.

Renee said...

You are amazing. I just think the world of you, sweet friend. It makes me so happy to see Dariya with her family and all of you together so very happy. I can't wait for the day that I can say the same of Paisley. Love you, Renee

Cammie Heflin said...

Way to go Dariya! I can't wait to come up and meet her! I love the header pic, sooo cute! Sarah makes the cutest things! I'll have to have her make something for my balding beauty! Hugs!

Sarah Marie said...

Oh I am in tears this morning! All three of them look so cute. Get to feeling better so that I can come over there and love on them!

Lacey said...

Yea Dariya! After having Jax, it was so nice to get Arina home and see that she was super healthy. Her VSD had closed, and her bloodwork was all normal. Wahoo!!

Becca said...

Love your new header photo (and those adorable little dresses!!) - these two girlies are just so amazing, and I'm so glad that Dariya has so seamlessly woven her way into her new life with you. Oh, so beautiful, both of your girls. GREAT news about her health, too!!

Emily said...

I love the header picture and I LOVE the great news!! Your family is adjusting so wonderfully; you are truly blessed!

The Annessa Family said...

Oh so thankful that your girl is healthy! What beautiful pictures too!


Monica Crumley said...

Such gorgeous photos. So happy that she's such a healthy little rockstar. Thanks for your comment on my blog, too :-)

Melissa said...

Your girls are awesome together! So glad that all Dariya's tests came back good!

Heather said...

Brilliant ... I had no doubt.

It seems like Dariya has always been with you. Perfect fit. Just as God planned.

Reading Widely said...

Go Dariya! She is such a cutie too. :)

So glad to see you participating on the After the Rainbow board. Thanks for joining us!

Rachel Whitmire
Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adopiton Ministry