Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas present?

The mother instinct in me decided to take Alayna in to see the doctor today. All is well and she doesn't think she has a blockage, just using up most of the breast milk for growth. She didn't want to do x rays but will do if the problem continues. She was glad I brought her in though as children with down syndrome have intestinal issues more often than a typical child.
Alayna is up to a hefty 9 pounds 1 oz. She is growing right before our very eyes. I am sure by Christmas that she will be 10 pounds...
Alayna is sleeping through the night (or at least has been for the past few nights) she wakes up at 5 am to nurse and goes back to sleep until around 8. I know, I know angel baby...That is my early Christmas present.
I will update this weekend with pictures of Alayna & Aidan with Santa....stay tuned.

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