Sunday, December 14, 2008

Did Someone say party? I love a party!

Party? I love a party~ oh until the next day then I am SO tired I can hardly hold my head up...
This is Alayna after a full night of Christmas partying on Friday night. The party started at 7 and she woke up around 7:30 and finally went to sleep around 11 pm. She was intrigued by all the people, voices, music and entertainment. Of course, she was passed around like a hot potato and loved every minute of it. She wasn't about to close her eyes and miss anything. She had to take it all in.
On Saturday she spent most of her day on daddy's chest fast asleep...(great excuse for Jason to lay around and doze).

Today Alayna decided to model her new outfit, compliments of "Big Sarah" . She is all ready for her next party which will be Saturday for the DSG Christmas party (she even gets to meet the big guy in the red suit - stay tuned for more pics)

Alayna is definitely a mover and a shaker, she is now kicking her legs and moving her arms when she is laying on her back and gets excited about something. Very cute.

Uncle Ed didn't think she could smile yet until she glanced up at him, shot him those big blue eyes and toothless smile. I think his heart melted on the spot.

We pray that you are getting ready to celebrate Jesus' birthday as we are, please know that we are having too much fun playing with Aidan and Alayna to do Christmas cards this year. (OK it is just a great excuse as I am feeling too lazy to write them out). If I took the time to do them you would definitely be on the list...

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ch said...


God Bless Big Sarah!!!!

I have never been so singularly delighted by a fashion shoot.

Rudolph must be so proud...