Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is she sleeping through the night?

Ok, every mother has heard this question a million times. As of last night I can say yes, our girl can sleep through the night (but will she do it every night?). She went to sleep at 9pm and woke up at 5am. Of course, me being a neurotic mother (you would think this was my first rodeo) I woke up at 3 waiting for Alayna to wake up and be starving.

But, all I heard were sweet little baby sleep noises from our room (and Jason snoring) then Aidan bellowing from his bedroom, "I had a bad dream". Fortunately, a little twilight prayer for good dreams with Aidan worked and he drifted right back to sleep and a good poke to Jason and he stopped snoring.

We ask for a prayer for Alayna's body to resume its normal functioning (ok really prayers for her mother to stop worrying so much about her). Alayna's plumbing has been a little blocked up this past week, not sure if it is the quick growth, her shots knocking her system out of whack, the 2 month old don't need to poop as much as I did when I was a newborn thing, her low muscle tone, or she is using up most of the breastmilk so there isn't much waste to part with or what.

I tell you she is going to have legs like a rockette (or abs of steel)with us doing the "bicycle" motion to try to get things moving. The nurse assures me that if she has gas moving all is good (well, she does take after her father so that tooting thing is no problem for her).

Aidan was so excited that we had a few inches of snow that even with -10 degree windchills he was out playing in the winter wonderland. Alayna took one look outside and decided a nap would be a much better use of her time.

Try to stay warm (unless you are in Texas then be sure to wear your sunscreen!)

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