Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Alayna is just about as excited for New Years as she was for Christmas...She can hardly wait until midnight to wear her party hat and blow her noise maker.
Ok, Ok if you know the Cannons you know we won't be up at midnight(or at least I won't). With a baby who sleeps all night I won't be wasting any of my beauty sleep on watching the clock.
Alayna is getting super spoiled by her grandparents and enjoying every minute of it. Although I am a little worried next week when they leave that I will be the only one here and she will be expecting to be held 90% of the time. Oh well, that is what grandparents are for...

I can hardly believe that in just one week Alayna will start at the Infant Development Center (IDC). She will be 3 months old too. Ugh where does the time go? I went to buy swimming diapers for her, as they have to have swimmers for their pool therapy and the smallest size was 16 pounds. I guess I will be duct taping those on her every other week when she dives in. I will be sure to take pictures of that and post it. Quite comical I am sure.
Jason is off tomorrow so we will have a nice, quiet family day to start the new year. We
hope you all have a fun, safe and Happy New Year!!!

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