Wednesday, December 10, 2008

People first language

Even with my background in special education I had to adjust and use "people first" language. Here is some information from Alayna's school that will help us all put her (and others with special needs) first!

People First Language

At the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center we believe that children are children, and come in all different packages.
All children have unique gifts and talents. We are here to help each child reach his or her potential by giving them whatever help they might require, according to their needs.
Because we have the utmost respect for our children and their families, we use “people first” language. This means that when we speak of our children, we refer to them as children first.
For example, instead of saying “special needs kids” or “Downs kids,” we say “children who have special needs” or “children with Down syndrome.”
The word “children” come first, and the disability comes second.

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