Monday, December 22, 2008

YAHOO! It was worth waiting a week for...

WARNING: The following blog entry contains graphic material, not for the faint hearted.

Well, folks after waiting, praying, coaxing, visiting the doctor etc. we finally, after one week and one hour, have a huge bowel movement from Alayna. YIPPEE!!!! (She is just saving us money on diapers really, didn't mean to cause any concern, what a thoughtful baby!)

Our family is doing the happy dance. She does not have a blocked bowel or constipation (trust me it was flowing out well not hard or pebbly). She is indeed using up most of the breast milk for her rapid growth. We thank you for all the thoughts and prayers and check ins that everyone has made on her this week. This mommy can now sit back and relax.
Maybe she knew we had x rays scheduled tomorrow if she didn't produce... take care all and have a wonderful Christmas. Will definitely post pictures of the kids later in the week (thought you might like to skip a picture of todays adventure) HAHAHA!

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