Monday, June 1, 2009

New baby class

Today was the beginning of Alayna's new baby class.... check out LC's blog as her mom is a much better blogger than I am and always brings her camera so she has cute pics of our new friends (and one really blurry picture that I took, sorry Courtney I promise to do better, would help if I stood still while taking photographs...note to self).

She got all prepared by taking a 3 1/2 hour morning nap. She didn't want to miss meeting any new friends. We are SO thankful and excited for our new class. Alayna & LC are still together (YEAH) also joining them are two handsome, young, 3 - month old boys. It was so nice to meet these boys and their terrific mothers who brought them.

The group is going to be a great fit for us and we are excited about being the BIG girl in the group instead of always being the youngest... LC is definitely going to keep Alayna on her toes as she is quick to get the fun toys if you don't move fast enough (hee hee hee, we are SO proud of our best buddy's accomplishments. LC is a fun loving, social girl who is constantly on the move).

In class we will be having music, ot/pt every other week, speech each week and swimming once a month too. We meet 7 weeks this summer until the end of July, then have a big break before starting up in the fall again on Aug 17th. (Just in time for us to hit Disney!)

Thanks to all of you who helped us pray for a class that would more closely match Alayna's age group. We grew rather fond of our friends in our old class and will miss them dearly.

Also, a big thanks to Grandma and Pop Pop for hanging out with Aidan so he doesn't have to endure that much therapy time per week. He is good for the 30 minute pt session but, really
1 1/2 hours of watching Alayna do therapy would bore any 6 year old...although he is so sweet and said he really does want to go once just to see what all she does.

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