Saturday, June 20, 2009


Since my last blog entry we have been quarantined to the house...we feel like hermits.

Aidan woke up on Wednesday and complained of a tummy ache. For those of you who don't know Aidan he hardly has been sick in his 6 years and rarely complains of minor ailments, he also takes no naps ~which he took 2, hour long naps this week. (See picture~ if you can't beat them join them...Aidan jumped into Alayna's crib after her nap for a little snuggle time as she watched her fish swim around her aquarium.)
He had no fever or any other symptoms but, I always take the precautionary measure to avoid others when my kids are sick. Which meant he missed 3 play dates this week (bummer friends, thanks for understanding). However, we did plenty of puzzles, science experiments, games and playing together to make up for it. He even said, "Mom this has been a really nice few days to be together."

After a trip to urgent care for tummy x rays and a strep test. He is just fine. We believe he got a little irregular due to his super diet on last weekend's camping trip (Note to not let Jason shop for groceries without checking that he has put something green or colorful from the fruit and veggie aisle in the cart). What is wrong with hot dogs, brats, chips, smores, trail mix and a healthy dose of McDonald's on the way home? UGH, my stomach hurts just thinking about it.

Thankfully Aidan is feeling better and the rain has stopped so we can go outside to get a little sunshine.


K D said...

That has to be the most adorable picture of sibling love ever. I mean really. what a sweet little boy you have and Alayna is as cute as usual!

We have missed seeing you!

Jenn said...

That is a precious picture! Hope he gets to feeling better soon, being sick in the summer is no fun.
Much love