Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tooth fairy?

We are patiently waiting to see which of our children will win the summer tooth prize...Aidan's bottom 2 teeth are really loose (which were his first teeth in, see picture of him at 6 months) ....

and the same 2 bottom teeth on Alayna are desperately trying to make their way into this world...oh but her huge, gummy smile just melts your heart.

Weekend in review...

Jason & Aidan had a great time camping and canoeing...Aidan was sad to leave Alayna & I on Friday but, he was just as devastated to leave the campsite on Saturday to head home. Aidan paddled the whole 8 miles of the canoe trip. Jason was bursting with pride when they arrived home (and sunburn pain). Needless to say the guys didn't put enough sunscreen on Jason's back he has spots that he looks like a lobster...ouch! Thankfully the kids were well slathered.

Alayna & I had a great weekend as well. We had some quiet time where she slept and I scrapbooked then we did some girl time with grandma and took in some shopping (of which I truly HATE! I can never find what I want when I shop, therefore I just skip shopping all together). I was looking for khaki shorts (simple right? ok after shopping 2 malls we gave up...) Thankfully I had good company which made the trip worth it.

On Sunday, we enjoyed church (we are teaching the kindergarten class this month...who wouldn't have fun there eh?) Then that evening we joined a new small group and had a picnic. It was a great time and will be some really fun people to get to know better and grow our faith with and the bonus is LC and family are joining us too. Alayna and LC played on a blanket in the grass. Jason got some cute pictures of them on his phone but, I am not technical enough to get them on the blog.

Monday we had baby class which was fun, we worked on oral motor skills and movement skills (rolling, pivoting etc). At the end, the PT was trying to get Alayna to belly crawl...Alayna had other ideas like having some milk and taking a nap, she was worn out. (me too, I think the older she gets the more tired I get at class... or is it the older I get? hmmm.)

Today Magen, Alayna's home OT came and worked on side sitting, reaching across her body and continuing to move to play with toys.

We also tried giving Alayna some dry cheerios this weekend which she LOVED. She is doing really well and continues to amaze us with her skills.


K D said...

My money is on Alayna!

Anonymous said...

Any news on the teeth yet??