Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random thoughts

Lately Alayna has been all smiles (for familiar faces). She definitely is getting into the stranger anxiety and is very cautious when she meets someone new, or even someone she hasn't seen in a few weeks. She even takes a few moments to warm up to Grandma and Pop Pop when they haven't come around for a few days.

Alayna is definitely teething...the drool and constant chewing on anything and ANYBODY kinda gives it away. I swear I see a little white tooth bud on her bottom gum but Jason thinks I am making it up.

Magen (Alayna's home OT) came and gave us some great tips to continue moving Alayna along in meeting her milestones. Alayna is really close to sitting on her own, she does NOT want to prop sit at all but, rather wants to sit without support. Alayna got hungry while Magen was here so she asked if she could stay and watch her eat her cereal. Trust me she didn't have to stay child has mastered eating... it only takes her a few minutes to woof down a whole bowl of baby cereal and top it off with some fruit. Alayna knows the signs for eat and milk and responds happily when I show them to her. She is also starting to lift her hands when I say "up".

After Magen's visit Aidan went to hang out with Pop Pop & the puppies while Alayna, Grandma and I went to visit Great Grandma. As you can see Alayna wasn't much into making conversation she was too interested in eating Grandma's thumb...Does it taste the same as MY yummy thumby?

Tomorrow Alayna will have her regular, individual PT session with Ms. Erin (maybe I can talk Aidan into remembering the camera). Then we will be celebrating Grandma's birthday!
Happy Birthday Grandma (can I still chew on your thumb?)

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